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Made to measure glass splashbacks
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How To Measure

1) Measure the height of the area that you are looking to cover.

Then deduct 2mm from any edge side that will be touching a surface.

For example, if the splashback is going between a cooker hood and your worktop, deduct 4mm from the overall height dimension. (2mm from top, 2mm from bottom)

2) Measure the width of the area.

The same way as the height. Deduct 2mm from any side that will touch a surface.

For example, if between two cupboard units, deduct 4mm from the overall width dimension (2mm from each side).

Any side edges that will not touch a surface do not require the 2mm deduction.

Then simply input these measurements in mm, pick your colour and order your splashback. It's as simple as that.

Please take care when measuring for your splashback.

All our splashbacks are made of toughened glass. Once they have  been produced they can not be altered.

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